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my second book talk for JustWhereYouStand

This one went far better than the first one held last April but sold fewer copies of Just Where You Stand. So, which matters more? Feeling good or feeling rich? When it’s a matter of: a. 2 books sold to the receptive crowd and b. 5 books to the sleepy crowd, I’ll take feeling good. To be honest, it was a closer call than that. Group a. included two other very nice listeners, one saying she would borrow my novel from the Library and another man who will be disappointed because I agreed with him that he could borrow JWYS from the library as an ebook and it isn’t true. I wasn’t lying but I certainly was wrong. I have to make that request to the Library to provide ebooks.

As a 77-year old person who loves to write but never signed up to be a publicist, book talks given by me are STRESSFUL and take much preparation although I enjoy them once I am actually speaking and can feel accepted by the audience. East York Historical/History Society is an example of an interested audience. My insides thank them a thousand times. Onwards and upwards.

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All my tales are of the non-violent kind and with plenty of variety to keep you reading! Some are fiction, some non-fiction, some sad, some silly or humorous, some long and some short. I myself am all of the above except for long. Never. I'm short.

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