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Jan.18/17 re Just Where You Stand

Jan. 18/17
Good Day Sandy

Loved your book! It flowed beautifully through time with sections of great prose. I  was able to get into the shoes of the individual characters and feel their emotions, trials and tribulations.

Once into the Toronto section I was able to recollect the many places you wrote about. I was at the Coliseum when the soldiers were returning and, although just seven years old, I carried my uncles dunnage bag over my shoulder.

A side bar of the soldiers return, although I was not present, but Susan’s Aunt was waiting in the “C” section when she spied her husband marching in. She jumped the boards and ran out and hugged him but he had to stand at attention as he had not been released as yet. Didn’t bother her.

Susan is reading the book now and has been quite excited.

You did it. You persevered and spent the time to do it right. Congratulations. It really was most exciting to read a book that was written by someone you have known for over sixty years and have the added bonus of enjoying it.

I finished the book as we flew to Manzanillo Mexico to stay with lifelong friends at their marvellous villa on the Pacific. They have a 45’ wide infinity pool that flows visually into the ocean. This is their cottage as they live in Ajijic near Guadalajara and have for 23 years. I’ve been his best man three times so Susan and I have made many trips down there to be sure he is doing it right this time. Now there’s a plot for a new book.

Thanks again and we hope to have the opportunity of seeing you in May.

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